Information regarding the Known Supplier concept

From May 2012, all goods delivered to the security restricted area of Airports must undergo full security checks.

Only Known Suppliers who fulfill the security requirements and confirm the implementation of the corresponding measures with a “Declaration of commitments” will be exempted from these security checks.

Security requirements for Known Suppliers

Airport deliveries from Known Suppliers are exempted from security checks.

In order for a business to obtain this status, the following requirements must be adhered to:

  • Appoint a company security officer,
  • Train employees in the officially required security measures,
  • Ensure the implementation of the required security measures during the manufacture, packing, storage and transportation of airport deliveries,
  • Submit a “Declaration of commitments” confirming the implementation of the required security measures.

Declaration of commitments for Known Suppliers

The submission of a “Declaration of commitments” to Lugano Airport serves as confirmation that a given company is implementing the required security measures.

Once the “Known Supplier” status has been confirmed by Lugano Airport,  said company’s deliveries will no longer be subject to security checks at the access gates. Please note that random samples may still be subject to screening.

Further information on this topic can be requested in writing at the address