Assistance – Support

Reduced mobility

Lugano Airport guarantees access to air transport, without discriminations and additional costs, to all reduced mobility clients (PRM). While disabilities or mobility problems are not an obstacle to fully access air transport services, some limitations may be however imposed by national and/or international authorities for safety and technical reasons (i.e. type of aircraft).

In order to ensure quick and efficient assistance to PRMs, the airline has to receive a special assistance request (notification) at the time of booking or at the latest 48 hours prior to the departure. When arriving at the airport, contact the ckeck-in personal or call the number +41 91 610 10 82 for assistance.

Families and unaccompanied minors

As per adult passengers, minor also have to bring valid identification (personal identity card or passport) along to check-in.

Usually buggies and strollers are labelled as hold luggage, even though they will remain at the passenger’s disposal until boarding when they are loaded on to the aircraft’s hold.
Most airlines will also accept on board children travelling alone up to 12 years of age (UM – Unaccompanied Minors). The service, for a fee, must be requested in advance and the airport staff will assist the minor during his/her entire stay in the airport up until boarding when the crew staff will take over.
For minors between 12 and 18 years the service is sometimes available on request

For detailed information on the procedures and services dedicated to families with small children and unaccompanied minors please always refer to the airline you are using since rules and regulations may vary noticeably from carrier to carrier and based on the country of destination.