Ground Handling and facilities

  • Cargo handling facilities: all modern facilities
  • Fuel/oil types JET A1, AVGAS 100LL
  • Fueling facilities/capacity: no limitations for all types of ACFT permitted at AD
  • De-icing facilities: Lugano Airport  – Service available from 01NOV to 30APR
    De-icing fluid available: Type II Killfrost ABC K-Plus
  • Hangar space for visiting aircraft: NIL
  • Repair facilities for visiting aircraft: Hangar, Major aircraft repairs

Commercial aviation handling services

Lugano Airport offers the major handling services for Commercial Aviation as check-in, dedicated passenger services, assistance for reduced mobility passengers (PRM), assistance for unaccompanied minors, loadcontrol, station control, assistance in case of irregularities.

General aviation handling services

Lugano Airport offers the following services included in the handling tax:

  • Passengers and crew welcoming at a single “welcome point”
  • VIP shuttle service for passengers directly from the “welcome point” to the aircraft
  • Free access to the VIP Passengers Lounge and VIP Crew Lounge
  • Free shuttle service for crew directly from the “welcome point” to the aircraft
  • Baggage Handling
  • Crew briefing, documentation service and assistance for flight planning (meteo, notam, flight plans, etc)
  • Administrative assistance
  • Customs and Immigration assistance
  • Communication and relay of movements
  • Hotel and Limousine reservation

Furthermore, the tax includes the assistance for coordinating any other extra handling services.

Tariff manual

On the left hand side you can find the PDF downloadable version of the official tariff manual for Commercial Aviation, General Aviation and Extra services