Airport Charges

Hello dear friend, customer and frequent visitor of Lugano Airport!

Who often comes to visit us and lands regularly in Lugano Airport is certainly aware that our airport charges have stayed unchanged for the last past fifteen years. It’s now time for us to catch on with the actual aviation market ongoing in the rest of Switzerland.

Therefore, we would like to inform you about a few updates in our tariff regulations, valid from January, 1st 2019, for the following fares (consultation period August, 25th to September, 25th 2019):

  • Passenger tax: we have adjusted the General Aviation passengers charge, which will be CHF 20.- per passenger from 2 years old
  • Landing tax: new formula “all-in-one”, which means there will be no difference between domestic and international landings
  • Parking fees: new class groups, depending on the MTOM have been created for our Apron and Grass parking

(on the left hand side column you can download the PDF of our new fares)

We constantly try to do our very best to meet your expectations and to offer you a steady and excellent service, whenever you come and visit our area.

Please feel free to contact us for any further information and we are looking forwards to welcoming you soon.