Baggage & Animals


Both hold luggage (to be handed over at check-in) and hand luggage must meet the maximum weight and dimensions requirements allowed for transport. The weight and transport procedures depend on:

  • The airline
  • Flying class
  • Destination

Each airline establishes the maximum weight and dimensions allowed per passenger therefore we advise to verify the individual rules at the booking moment or, in any case, prior to arriving at the airport. If the baggage exceeds the allowance you may be forced to pay a surcharge or may even be refused to check-in your luggage.

We suggest to label your luggage with name tags – both internally and externally to facilitate identification in case of delayed delivery or loss. For further information on what you can take onboard please check Security.

Storage Service

We are pleased to inform our passengers and all airport operators that starting from 16th February 2016 Lugano Airport provides a storage service in the main terminal.

The service is especially for those passengers who need to store their luggage/personal effects (until a maximum size of 40x90x85 cm) or those who wish to deposit objects that are not allowed on board as hand luggage (example: liquid over 100ml, knives, etc.)


  • Storage of hold baggage, price for 1 locker
    • CHF 10.- 1 day
    • CHF 25.- week-end (Fr-Su)
    • CHF 50.- 1 week
  • Deposit of objects not allowed in hand baggage on board, price for 1 plastic bag
    • CHF 5.- 1 day
    • CHF 10.- week-end (Fr-Su)
    • CHF 25.- 1 week

ODelivery – pick-up times

  • 06:00 – 18:00 7/7
  • 18:00 – 21:00 by appointment, dialing nr +41 (0) 91 610 12 82
  • For further information contact the Lugano Airport check-in counter or dial the number +41 (0) 91 610 12 82 (check-in customer service)

Lost & Found

If your bag has not been delivered please contact immediately the Lost & Found Office (091 610 1220) situated in the Arrivals area and present the luggage receipt that was attached at your ticket. Staff will initiate proceedings for baggage retrieval. The service is available everyday from 08:00 to 21:30.

You will then be able to follow in real time the baggage retrieval via the tracing system at

Transport of animals

You must confirm with the airline you are flying with what are their modalities of transport for animals and inform yourself on the necessary documentation with the relevant authorities. For further information we advise to check the Federal Veterinary office website: Before and during your journey

In most cases small animals are allowed to travel in the cabin within an adequate soft transport bag, with a waterproof and absorbent bottom and of the maximum dimensions allowed by the airline. In any case the maximum weight, including the transport bag must not exceed 8 or 10 kg, depending on the carrier. Reservation for this service is compulsory.

Bigger animals must be transported in the hold (which is pressurized, heated and has light), in an adequate travel container compliant with IATA regulations (the animal must be allowed to stand and turn around). The reservation for this service must be done at the time of booking and in any case well in advance of the departure.