Airport Advertising

The airport is the ideal setting to achieve a wider and international exposure for your brand.

Our catchment area is made of high yield potential clients such as passengers, accompanying visitors, airport users and aviation fans, which have a higher than average income and spending power.

Below you can find the different advertising solutions and strategic tools to communicate your brand in a targeted manner.

Advertisment fixtures

All advertisement fittings inside and outside the airport are managed by a sole agency. For more details and estimates please contact:

Bercher SA Publicité Générale

20, route de Pré-Bois
1215 Genève 15
Tel: +41 22 347 33 88
Sito web:

Promotional activities

There is also available a wide range of strategic promotional solutions, such as product exhibition and sampling or promopoints that will give your brand high visibility at Lugano Airport.