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Silver Air airline confirms flights from Lugano Airport to Elba for the summer season 2023. Flights will start June 18th, 2023 and end September 24th, 2023, operating twice per week to Elba from June to September

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 Flight numberDep (LT)Arr (LT)flt time
Mercoledì/Wednesdaydal 22.06.2002 al 21.09.2022. Non si effettuano voli dal 10 al 24 agosto
from 22.06.2002 to 21.09.2022. No flights from 10th to 24th August
Elba - LuganoSLD8038:4510:151h30'
Lugano - ElbaSLD80411:0012:301h30'
Domenica/Sundaydal 19.06.2022 al 25.09.2022
from 19.06.2022 to 25.09.2022
Elba - LuganoSLD80110:1511:451h30'
Lugano - ElbaSLD80212:2513:551h30'

The airline Twin Jet confirms flights from Lugano Airport to Olbia for the 2022 summer season. It will fly to/from Olbia every Saturday from June 25th to September 10th.
Departure from Lugano 10h00, arrival to Olbia 11h30
Departure from Olbia 13h00, arrival to Lugano 14h30

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