Video and Photo shooting

Authorization is required to take videos and photos. Anyone interested in organizing photo and video shoots on airport grounds must send an authorization request in advance via the “video & photo” form.

The request must be sent in electronic form to the address with a minimum notice of 7 working days.

A shorter notice does not guarantee the completion of the procedure in useful times. Shooting must therefore be postponed in order to comply with the indicated notice period.

Tariff regulation

The following rates will be applied for video and photo shooting requests including:

An inspection with max 6 people for max 30 minutes
Accompaniment during the shooting by Lugano Airport staff (1 safety escort each 6 person)
Security controls

Basic fee, including 60 minutes of shooting / 1 safety escort CHF 320.-

Additional safety escort (every additional hour or fraction) CHF 85.-

Every additional hour (or fraction) CHF 190.-

Acces of a vehicle in the Airside area CHF 60.-

Flat rate for electricity CHF 80.-

Further services such as special electrical installations (electrician), area sealing, cleaning, exclusive use of spaces, car parks, used material, etc., will be invoiced according to consumption.

The rates are applied for all commercial, advertising and film shooting. Filming for public information purposes is exempted from payment. Rates are VAT (7.7%) excluded.

General arrangement

Shooting work must not cause interrruption of the normal airport operating flow and are only permitted between 08:00 and 17:00. During the weekends and holidays no permissions will be given.The resumption of persons within the non-public area or aircrafts is permitted only with the explicit authorization of the person or owner concerned. Access to the non-public area is subject to the security provisions in force.

Lugano Airport does not assume any responsibility of cancellation of events for any reason and/or limitations of video/photo shootings, even if previously granted, without prejudice to all financial charges listed above. If such event should occur, LASA will reschedule the shooting in another day and time.

Lugano Airport has the right not to authorize shootings if these could interfere, even partially, with the daily operational work or with the security measures. This also includes the right to limit or cancel previously approved requests.

Lugano Airport will accept the present request by communicating a specific and separate contract proposal. Among the necessary requisites for the authorization of the shooting, the stipulation of an insurance policy RC (civil liability) and a release of responsibility towards Lugano Airport will be required.